How to Apply


Application Deadlines for Entry in September 2024

October 18, 2023
- if you’re a self-financing master’s applicant from any visa-sensitive country* (i.e. countries where it may take up to 12 months to obtain a study visa) who requires a study visa,
- if you’re a master’s applicant from any visa-sensitive country (i.e. countries where it may take up to 12 months to obtain a study visa) who requires a study visa and seeks general CEU financial aid, or
- if you're a self-financing master’s applicant from any country who seeks an early decision with no financial aid

February 1, 2024
 if you’re a master’s applicant from any non-visa-sensitive country who requires a study visa and wishes to be considered for CEU financial aid 

March 15, 2024
- if you’re a self-financing master’s applicant from any non-visa-sensitive country who requires a study visa 

August 15, 2024
- if you’re a self-financing master’s applicant with citizenship or permanent residency in an EU/EEA country, including those applicants who are holders of a student residence permit in an EU/EEA country that is valid until at least the end of September 2024

We follow a rolling admission model where we evaluate and decide on applications as we receive them.

*The list of visa-sensitive countries can be found at the Application Guidelines

General CEU Admission Requirements

Completed CEU Application Form
Curriculum Vitae
Academic Records
2 Letters of Recommendation
Proof of English Proficiency

MS in Social Data Science Requirements

Bachelor’s degree in one of a broad range of disciplines, including computer science, social science, data science, physics, economics, environmental science, natural sciences, political science, and sociology. 

(Bachelor’s Degree in other fields will also be considered and evaluated individually.) 

Demonstrated ability to do quantitative studies:
If you have at undergraduate or graduate university degree in Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Physics, Computer Science or other quantitative fields, demonstrate your quantitative training by listing your mathematics courses in a document together with your obtained scores. Listed courses and scores should match records in your submitted academic records.

Proof of relevant math training, GMAT/GRE or CEU Math Test:
In case you have not obtained an undergraduate or graduate degree university in Data Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics, Physics, Computer Science or other quantitative fields,

(1) your relevant mathematics training during university studies will also be considered and evaluated — please list the courses and scores, which should match records in your submitted academic records, in a separate document; OR
(2) you can submit a GMAT certificate with a score of at least 600 (or a GRE equivalent). Please note that GRE and GMAT scores are valid for five years.

You may submit a GMAT or GRE score by uploading a scan of your score report to the relevant section of the CEU Application Form. If the score report is not available at the time of your application, please upload proof of having taken the test in lieu of the score. You may arrange for an official score report to be sent to CEU. CEU's institution code for the GMAT is 0203. CEU's ETS institution code for the GRE is 0069.

Exemption of this provision also depends on evaluation of Individual applications on the personal base.

(3) The CEU Math Test will take place twice after the aplication deadlines, first on October 27, 2023 for early applicants, and February 9 and 16, 2024. Please see a sample test here. It can be taken online.

Proof of previous training in programming

Motivation letter:
Submit a maximum 2-page essay introducing your research topic on a quantitative topic and explaining your academic/professional background and your interest/motivation in interdisciplinary research. Indicate how further studies at CEU would help you achieve your future career goals.

Choice of specialization with short explanation:
Submit a maximum 1-page statement to indicate the specialization you would choose in the SDS MS program. The possible specializations are in Economics, Environmental Science, Political Science and Policy, and Applied Social Data Science. Explain your choice of specilalization. 

Admission interview:
You may be contacted for an interview as part of the review process. The interview may be conducted on the phone, through online communication services, or in person, depending on your availability.

*For enrollment in the 1-year program:
- In addition to the proof of previous training in programming, that in statistics, machine learning and data science methods is also required;
- Applicants must have earned a first Bachelor’s degree of not less than 4 years of full-time studies, or equivalent.

Any questions?

Ask the Admission Office!

You may contact us via email with questions regarding the admissions process and requirements and the online application form.