Advanced Certificate Programs

Our Advanced Certificate programs are non-degree certificates available for students enrolled in a PhD or MA degree program at CEU (please note: the Advanced Certificate in Network Science is open to PhD students only). The certificates are offered by the Department of Network and Data Science (DNDS) at CEU.

We have 3 such programs:

Advanced Certificate in Data Analysis (MA and PhD)

Advanced Certificate in Data Science (MA and PhD)

Advanced Certificate in Network Science (PhD only)

Please click on the above links to see the curriculum and requirements of each program.

If you successfully complete an Advanced Certificate Program, you will receive a certificate in the form of a diploma supplement when you graduate.


Our advanced certificates require some basic programming skills.

Please also check the pre-requisities of the indivdual courses in your chosen advanced certificate.

When in doubt, please contact:

The Director of the Advanced Certificate in Network Science, Prof. Balázs Vedres.

The Director of the Advanced Certificate programs in Data Analysis and Data Science, Prof. Federico Battiston.

Things to know before you enroll in an Advanced Certificate program

  1. Some courses may be moved from one term to another in a given AY.
  2. Advanced certificates may be difficult to complete in 1 year due to the workload they require and/or because certain courses fill up quickly. You can, however, spread these out over two or more years if you are in a longer program.
  3. “Mandatory” courses in certificates work differently from mandatory courses in your home program: there is no guarantee you can secure a spot. They are subject to the first come first served rule and you will be placed on the waiting list if the course is full.
  4. SITS (the course registration system) doesn't "know" that you are doing an advanced certificate. If you have fullfilled the criteria of an advanced certificate, please notify the DNDS Coordinator, Olga Peredi, attaching an up-to-date (unofficial) transcript. (For more details, please see "How to enroll in the Certificate Programs" below.)

Important information for Master's students in 1-year programs: Please note that some departments set a limit on how many non-crosslisted credits you can earn in an academic year. It is possible that by default, you are not permitted to take the necessary credits to earn the certificate in one year. If this is the case, please discuss with your supervisor or program director if this restriction could be lifted for you. It is also important to take into account the workload of your degree course before making a decision. If you are given the green light by your program, please ask your program coordinator to get the restricition lifted in your case in the system so that you can take the necessary courses.

How to enroll in an Advanced Certificate program

  1. Please discuss with your supervisor whether they support your plan to complete this certificate.
  2. If they do, then just register for the required courses for grade in SiTS (please always check the pre-requisites and whether there is a cap).
  3. A few months before you graduate, please contact the DNDS Coordinator, Olga Peredi, letting her know that you are about to graduate and that you have completed the requirements for the Advanced Certificate. Please attach an up-to-date transcript (unofficial is OK). She will check, and if it is indeed the case, she will notify the Student Records Office.
  4. When you receive your diploma, you will receive the certificate alongside it.