Workshop on weighted networks

The Center for Network Science invites you to a Workshop on weighted networks - May 28.

Understanding the structural properties of flows are key to various research areas, such as international trade, energy distribution systems, ecological systems, or cell metabolism. In this exploratory workshop we try to understand the commonalities characteristic differences of these systems of flows, bringing physicists, biologists, and social scientists together.

Venue: Central European University, Gellner Room.

Time: 2010 May 28, 9:30 – 14:30.


9:30   – coffee, pastries, welcome

10:00 – Albert-Laszlo Barabasi (Harvard University and Northeastern University): Open questions in expanding network science to weighted and flow networks

10:30 – Cesar A. Hidalgo (Harvard University): Networks and MacroEconomic Development

11:00 – discussion and coffee

11:30 – Robin Palotai and Peter Csermely (Semmelweis University): Signaling networksas weighted flow networks in proteins and cells

12:00 – Marco Scotti (Microsoft Reserach): Link density and secondary extinctionsin weighted food webs

12:30 – Marco Scotti and Balazs Vedres (CEU): Exposure anddomination in the European natural gas pipeline network

13:00  – light lunch (sandwitches and salads)

14:00 closing discussion and future research agenda