Visiting Researchers

Reza Jafari

Reza Jafari is a faculty member of physics complex systems at the Shahid Beheshti University. He started his collaboration with DNDS in the winter of 2016. His research interests are collective behavior and crises in financial and social science, complex networks dynamics, fractional calculus and its application in networks when memory influences the dynamics. Recently he has used fractional calculus to introduce aged networks. Indeed, age is the same as other properties of links such as weight and direction, and it can be considered a new property for a link. Evolution of social networks happens simultaneously with the variation of their links/nodes. However, sometimes it is not easy for some links/nodes to evolve in such a process because of their age. In real networks, some links/nodes can exist that are not happy with any variations. Understanding stability, aged phase transition, information transformation of social networks are some of the challenges of this project. Some other recent projects can be found on his page in ResearchGate (

Visiting Students

Sara Heydari

I am a PhD student in Complex Systems at Aalto University, Finland. I have a mixed background of Physics and Computer Science: I did my Bachelor's studies at Shahid Beheshti University in Iran, where I got interested in network science and then moved to Finland to do a Master's degree in Complex Systems in the Computer Science Department of Aalto University.

I am interested in applying network science and mathematical methods to study the behavior of people and societies. My Master’s thesis uses mobile-phone datasets to investigate persistent features of ego-networks both in time and across different channels of communication.

Daniel Monsivais

Daniel Monsivais is a doctoral student in Computer Science at Aalto University. He has BSc in Physics (experimental acoustics - wave propagation in dispersive media) and a MSc in Computer Science (GP-GPU applied to Secondary Oil Recovery models), both from National University of Mexico (UNAM),  and a MSc in  Complexity Science (spatially embedded networks and optimal packing) from  University of Mexico City (UACM). In the recent years as an Aalto PhD student, he has been working on Complex Social Systems (human social focus over the life course; influence of cultural, religion and migration on the structure of kinship networks), Circadian Rhythms (sleep-wake cycle inferred from mobile phone activity) and Experimental and Behavioural Economics (human decision making process in online games).

He is also interested in data mining and machine learning techniques, agent based models, numerical methods, and open-source software and operating systems.