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The Nature of Quantum Networks

This project will strive to create a comprehensive formalism for the description and control of classical and quantum networks. We will furthermore devise tests for the presence of quantum effects in networks, and underpin our theoretical findings with targeted measurements on small physical quantum systems. With this formalism we expect that it will be possible to provide answers to numerous questions, such as: What is a quantum network? What properties does a network necessitate to display quantum behaviour? And what tests can we perform on a network to determine its quantum properties? The results of the project will have both fundamental and technological impact. It is known that security of communication channels can be vastly enhanced using quantum mechanical mechanisms. We will study what other enhancements are possible, for example in terms of information distribution and computational power of a network, when quantum mechanical correlations are allowed.

Albert-László Barabási

Global Production Networks, Structural Inequalities and Unequal Exchange

Exploring a structural theory of value-added distribution using multi-regional Input-Output data.

Carl Nordlund


Recent research suggests that diversity is an advantage for team creativity, and it is especially gender diversity that was shown to be related to the collective intelligence of a team. However, while women are shown to play a key role in creative teams, there is ample evidence that they don’t get the same credit that men do. If women are vital participants in creative teams, their discrimination, mis-recognition, and discouragement is clearly leading to losses for creative fields and entire societies. What are practices and organizational patterns that can restore equal recognition, and boost the involvement of women in creative teams?

Balázs Vedres, Ancsa Hannák, Michael Szell


The aim of the project is to construct a theory of scientific success.

Albert-László Barabási, János Kertész, Roberta Sinatra


Bringing Citizens, Models and Data together in Participatory, Interactive Social Exploratories

Albert-László BarabásiJános Kertész, Chulho Choi