Program-Specific Requirements

Apart from general CEU admission requirements, we expect applications from candidates with a Master’s degree in one of a broad range of related disciplines (including physics, mathematics, computer science, sociology, political science and economics), who have an interest in network science and/or its applications to social sciences.

The PhD program is open for students with a wide variety of backgrounds. Presently we have students with MA/MSc in math, sociology, psychology, architecture, physics, economics and political science. The Program is strongly interdisciplinary with a special emphasis on quantitative methods in social sciences and data-driven research. Those who have weaker math background will have to take a quantitative methodology course and will need some additional effort.

We do NOT request a GRE test.

In addition to the items of the CEU checklist, a STATEMENT OF PURPOSE (previously “motivation letter”) is an important part of the application.

The Statement of Purpose should make clear:

  • why you are interested in studying network science at CEU;
  • your knowledge of social science/network science literature;
  • your openness towards and possible experience with mathematical methods and programming;
  • what is the special field of research you are particularly interested in and what kind of plans you have in that direction;
  • what kind of studies and activities you have carried out which are related to your plans.

The Statement of Purpose should not be longer than 1500 words (not including references).

Special PhD Fellowships at CEU DNDS

Social Networks – Online and Offline

Social science has long recognized the importance to analyze social networks to address problems such as civic mobilization, the power of informal organizations, the origins of trust, and the generation and adoption of innovations. Recently new opportunities and challenges have opened in social network research: by the explosion of online social networking old problems appeared in new forms – such as the fake news phenomenon, or twitter revolutions – and also new kinds of data became accessible on information sharing, collaborations, and all kinds of social ties.

DNDS at CEU has recognized these new opportunities and challenges and offers two PhD fellowships to promote the study of social networks. Students applying to these positions will participate in the regular coursework at the DNDS Network Science PhD program, and in addition will take at least 4 credits of courses as elective in the areas of classical social theory, contemporary social theory, or advanced sociological methodology.

Students enrolling in these two positions are expected to formulate a research proposal that investigates the challenges and possibilities that online social networks (collaborative platforms, social networking platforms, messaging and image sharing platforms etc) pose to key problems in the areas of social inequalities, power and influence, political news, the emergence of new institutions, the generation of innovations, or civic activism.

You can join this scheme by applying to the Network Science PhD Program. Please indicate in your application letter that you are interested in this special fellowship. Applications should be made electronically. For details see:

Application deadline is January 31, 2019.