Sina Sajjadi

Year of Enrollment: 

Hi! I’m Sina! A Ph.D. researcher at the Central European University and the Complexity Science Hub Vienna. I’m part of the Networked Inequality Lab, where I investigate bias and homophily in Social networks.
I also study the mesoscale structure of higher-order networks.

I am interested in both the theoretical and the applied aspects of complex systems. In particular, I am interested in the mathematical modeling of social phenomena, using techniques such as Spreading dynamics, Balance theory, Network inference models, and game dynamics.


1. Sajjadi, Sina, Mohammad Reza Ejtehadi, and Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad. “Impact of temporal correlations on high risk outbreaks of independent and cooperative SIR dynamics.” Plos one 16.7 (2021): e0253563.
2. Sajjadi, Sina, Alireza Hashemi, and Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad. “Social distancing in pedestrian dynamics and its effect on disease spreading.” Physical Review E 104.1 (2021): 014313.
3. Sajjadi, Sina, Pourya Toranj Simin, Basak Taraktas, Mehrzad Shadmangohar, Ulya Bayram, Mavi Ruiz, Fariba Karimi. “Epidemic Infection Disparity Explained By Segregation and Socio-economic Inequality, a Multilayer Agent Based Model”. Under review.
4. Razieh Masoumi, Farideh Oloomi, Sina Sajjadi, Amirhoseein Shirazi, Gholamreza Jafari. “Modified Heider Balance Model on Random Networks”. Under review.