Sebastian Kusch

Year of Enrollment: 

I have a B.Sc. degree in Simulation Technology from the University of Stuttgart where I finished with a thesis focusing on a model of muscle hypertrophy based on fatigue and mechanical overload. For my Master´s, I went to the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg to study Environmental Modelling. There, I spent the last two years working at the BioND Lab at the Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB), led by Thilo Gross, with research projects surrounding diffusion maps and a master´s thesis that was concerned with spreading processes on multilayer networks, as well as their steady state solutions using Kirchhoff´s theorem and generating functions.

In my research, I work on network inference with a focus on disentangling coexisting network generating mechanisms that include group preference, triadic closure, node ranking and preferential attachment, to just name a few. In addition, I'm interested in more network theoretical questions surrounding algorithmic information theory, model description lengths and their interplay with emergent phenomena.


MSc, Environmental Modelling, Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg (Germany)
BSc, Simulation Technology, University of Stuttgart (Germany)