Onur Bal

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Since reading Le Paradigme perdu. La nature humaine by Edgar Morin I am plagued with one and only fundamental question. How does the human being, a sentient organism that is standing against entropy, communicate, rearrange and participate in its own social and political system? I believe to answer this question we should abandon our understanding of linear sciences and start looking for a more uniting theory that flourishes between the strictly drawn borders of the current understanding of natural and social sciences.  The journey I took aligned with this idea when I got my BSc in Economics and combined this with an Interdisciplinary point of view with the help of a Politics, Economics and Philosophy Master’s Degree.

I am interested in Political Science, to understand how we organize our societies, or how individuals communicate with each other in this complex system, Economics, to uncover the structure grounded within individual and collective behaviour while aiming for efficiency, and Philosophy, to share this new dawn of scientific method and ideas with a rigorous methodology. My theoretical interests are information diffusion, game theory on networks and rebellions in social systems. I am hoping to apply these theoretical frameworks to current empirical problems to create politically responsible governments, just and balanced societies, and solutions to prevent the diffusion of misinformation.


BSc, Economics, Hacettepe University
MA, Politics.Economics.Philosophy, NRU Higher School of Economics

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