Leonardo Di Gaetano

Year of Enrollment: 

I have a physics background since I obtained both a Bachelor and a Master degree in physics and theoretical physics at the University of Catania. During my studies, I realized that I am strongly passionate about complex systems and I love the idea to face different types of problems using maths, lateral thinking and a bit of imagination.

My Bachelor thesis was about the relationship between talent and luck using an agent-based model.

For my master's thesis, on the other hand, I had the opportunity to go to the Queen Mary University of London where I worked on temporal networks and chaos theory.

For these reasons I like to define myself as scientifically eclectic, I love the idea of being able to work on projects that are very different from each other. Currently, I am interested in social dynamics and in particular in studying the mathematical aspects of social networks with group interactions.

In my free time, I love to plan trips and adventures alone or with my friends, trying every summer to make long journeys full of experiences and stories to tell. 


MSc in Theoretical Physics, University of Catania, 2020
BSc in Physics, University of Catania, 2018