Dávid Deritei

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Dávid studies the complex regulatory networks governing living cells. His main inquiries include the identification of stable motifs and their ability to control both empirical and synthetic regulatory networks, the effects of different types of noise on regulatory systems and their stability, as well as the hierarchical organisation of the decision making processes, more specifically, how can very complicated interactions be responsible for simple, discrete decisions on multiple levels.

Dávid is a physicist by training and had previous collaborations with Babes Bolyai University, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Harvard Medical School, University of Notre Dame and the College of Wooster. 


Deritei, D., Rozum, J., Ravasz Regan, E. Albert R. A feedback loop of conditionally stable circuits drives the cell cycle from checkpoint to checkpoint. Scientific Reports, 9, 16430 (2019)

Deritei, D., Aird, W. C., Ercsey-Ravasz, M., & Regan, E. R. Principles of dynamical modularity in biological regulatory networks. Scientific Reports, 6, 21957. (2016)

Deritei, D., Lazar, Z.I., Papp, I., Jarai-Szabo, F., Sumi, R., Varga, L., Regan, E.R. and Ercsey-Ravasz, M., 2014. Community detection by graph Voronoi diagrams. New Journal of Physics, 16(6), p.063007.

Sizek, H., Hamel, A., Deritei, D., Campbell, S., & Regan, E. R. (2019). Boolean model of growth signaling, cell cycle and apoptosis predicts the molecular mechanism of aberrant cell cycle progression driven by hyperactive PI3K. PLoS computational biology, 15(3), e1006402.

Orozco, L. G. N., Deritei, D., Vancso, A., & Vasarhelyi, O. (2019, December). Quantifying Life Quality as Walkability on Urban Networks: The Case of Budapest. International Conference on Complex Networks and Their Applications (pp. 905-918). Springer, Cham.

Varga, L., Deritei, D., Ercsey-Ravasz, M., Florian, R., Lázár, Z. I., Papp, I., & Járai-Szabó, F. (2018). Normalizing Scientometric Indicators of Individual Publications Using Local Cluster Detection Methods on Citation Networks. International Journal of Educational and Pedagogical Sciences, 12(9), 1189-1198.

Lázár, Z. I., Papp, I., Varga, L., Járai-Szabó, F., Deritei, D., & Ercsey-Ravasz, M. (2017). Stochastic graph Voronoi tessellation reveals community structure. Physical Review E, 95(2), 022306.

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MSc, Computational Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania
BSc, Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania