Cory Cox

United States of America
Year of Enrollment: 

Cory studies recruitment dynamics using network methods. He is specifically interested in the dynamics that shape the decision to engage in high risk activities.

Cory has made Central Europe his home for the past 6 years. For most of 2014 he was reassigned to lead big data initiatives out of his company’s headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand. During the 9 months, he studied Thai and gained a deeper understanding of the volatile Thai political climate that has spawned 21 military coups over the past century, experiencing the most recent coup first hand.  

In 2015 he earned a certificate in Energy Politics of Eurasia at the European University at Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation.



Cox, Cory. “Trans-ASEAN Projects: Pipelines and HVDC Lines. Rethinking the Role of Gasification and Electrification in ASEAN Energy Security Initiatives.” ENERPO Journal, November 2015 (Vol. 4, Iss. 1)

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Recruitment on Networks: Cost, Risks, and Uncertainty


MS Justice Administration: University of Louisville 2012
MA Political Science: University of Louisville 2011
BA Theater: Vanderbilt University 2008