Abdullah Alrhmoun

Syrian Arab Republic
Year of Enrollment: 

Abdullah is a doctoral candidate specializing in Network Science at the Central European University, expanding upon his academic foundations after obtaining a master’s degree in engineering. His primary research focus lies in the practical application of data science, with a particular emphasis on investigating the propagation of disinformation and extremist content across Online Social Networks (OSNs). His work also extends to the network modeling of interactions between humans and bots within these social platforms. Abdullah has developed a keen interest in understanding the role and impact of Large Language Models (LLMs) in social scenarios. Currently, his research is focusing on the dynamics between social and political bots and human users within instant messaging applications such as Telegram. In addition to this, Abdullah is exploring the nature and implications of LLMs, while also studying the structures and behaviors of extremist networks. 


Automating Terror: The Role and Impact of Telegram Bots in the Islamic State’s Online Ecosystem

Decoding Hate: Using Experimental Text Analysis to Classify Terrorist Content

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MSc, Biomedical Engineering, Fatih University
BA, Health Science, Al-baath University