Tamer Khraisha Receives Award for Advanced Doctoral Students

February 13, 2018

Tamer Khraisha - PhD student at the Center for Network Science - has received the Award for Advanced Doctoral Students for outstanding student research. Congratulations!

Tamer's thesis examines how the diffusion and evolution of financial innovations can be modeled as a process of search on networks using local information. He is also interested in how the space of technological solutions could be modeled as a fitness landscape using the theory of Gaussian Random Fields. Other research projects include the modeling of technological lock-ins and lock-outs by introducing concepts like local information and switching costs.

The university provides incentives for academic excellence and rewards those promising students who, with their work, have shown outstanding academic potential. The CEU Academic Achievement Awards for Advanced Doctoral Students are awarded to students who have completed a significant portion of research that serves as the basis of the dissertation and for scholarly presentation of tangible results that directly stem from the research (a draft chapter, a paper).