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Epidemics Seeded From the Most Connected Populations May Not Lead to Larger Epidemic

A fundamental question in disease modelling is how the initial seeding of an epidemic that spreads over a network determines its final outcome.

Asimov's Foundation - Turning a Data Story into an NFT Artwork

In this work, the authors, Milán Janosov and Flóra Borsi transform the famous sci-fi novel series into a network and then an NFT artwork.

Switchover Phenomenon Induced by Epidemic Seeding on Geometric Networks

Initial seeding of an epidemic from the best-connected nodes of a network would intuitively lead to the largest outbreak. We challenge this picture and explore a switchover phenomenon: Epidemics started from the central part of a geometric metapopulation network can reach more individuals only if the basic reproduction number is small, but if the epidemic is more infectious, it reaches a larger population when seeded from uniformly selected nodes.

Ecology of the Digital World of Wikipedia

September 22, 2021

Ecology of the Digital World of Wikipedia

A new paper by Fumiko Ogushi, János Kertész, Kimmo Kaski & Takashi Shimada
Sci Rep 11, 18371 (2021).