DAPS 2016

Data mining for the Analysis of Performance and Success

December 12, 2016, Barcelona

Program chair: Roberta Sinatra

Invited speaker: Balázs Vedres


Balázs Vedres at DAPS2016

The increasing availability of Big Data provides an unprecedented opportunity to explore the patterns underlying success. From the strategies followed by successful sportsmen to the emergence of runaway videos on YouTube, from popularity in social media to rising starts in the scientific enterprise, there is wealth of data that can be explored to answer common questions: What are the common patterns of success? How did successful individuals and products get to the top? These are the challenging questions at the core of the emerging science of success , an interdisciplinary field that is attracting scientists from different scientific backgrounds. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together researchers from a variety of areas, all working on the problem of analyzing and understanding the patterns of success from different angles. The aim is to discuss: 1) the recently developed data mining techniques that address challenges in analyzing performance and success, and 2) from challenges in analyzing performance and success, the practical research directions in the data mining community.