What's Up at DNDS

Falling Fertility Creates Trust Gap: Changing Social Network Structure in Demographic Transition

July 20, 2018

In the last 70 years, global fertility has decreased. With this fall in fertility, the number of relatives in the same generation has decreased too. Prof. Tamás Dávid-Barrett gave a lecture about the trust gap created by lower fertility rates and the changes in social network structure.

Hot Streaks in Artistic, Cultural, and Scientific Careers

July 16, 2018

Our Assistant Professor Roberta Sinatra and collaborators’ article has been published in Nature.

Categorical Searching and Learning on Information Networks

July 10, 2018

Information search is an essential behavior in our everyday lives. With the advent of the World Wide Web, the amount and variety of accessible information burst and brought us the prominent challenge of information overload. Crucially, efficiency in information search depends on the way knowledge is structured and on the strategy used to find the target information. In order to improve performance through the design of a better information space for humans to search and learn, it is important to understand what the influencing factors are in our searching behavior.

Video: Dynamics of Multiplex Networks in Schools

June 26, 2018

Károly Takács, Principal Investigator of “Lendület” Research Center for Educational and Network Studies (RECENS) at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, gave a talk at DNDS about the benefits of studying social network dynamics in multiplex dimensions using social network panel data from Hungarian schools. By taking into account positive as well as negative relations between pupils in the classroom, he and his collaborators have demonstrated how social relations evolve towards structural balance.

Solidarity with MTA TK

June 20, 2018

The Department of Network and Data Science expresses its solidarity with the maliciously attacked colleagues at the Centre for Social Sciences of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with whom we have had a number of fruitful collaborations, which we hope to continue.