What's Up at DNDS

Quantifying and Comparing Success in Creative Careers

April 10, 2019

What makes creative people successful? Skills, luck or collaboration? In his talk, Milan Janosov shared with us the insights he gained from analyzing several massive datasets, such as IMDb and the Web of Science, covering millions of individual careers from film, music, literature, and science.

Data Stories 2019 - 6th Edition

April 5, 2019


Data Stories at CEU is back with its 6th edition! The exhibition opening took place on March 26, followed by the annual data visualization meetup. This year, the viewer can find out about how happy people feel in Hungary and how it compares to other European countries, about gender and ethnic disparities in 100 tech companies or the characteristics of Hungarian settlements and why they have developed that way, as well as the collaborating network of top DJs - and much more!

Social Targeting: Social Network Analysis in Telecommunications Industry Application

March 21, 2019

The Department of Network and Data Science welcomed András Kárpáti (Lynx) to deliver a presentation on March 5, 2019. He shared his perspective on the application of graph theory in general and social network in particular in business development. As a product company focusing on the use of big data graphs in dealing with complex business problems, Lynx proposes a better campaign targeting solution for generic products.

Media Echo Chambers Increase Polarization in Society

March 14, 2019

Is it possible to reach a consensus with someone whose political opinion differs from your own? What if you both rely on social media like Facebook and Twitter for information about news and politics?

According to a new paper co-authored by Professor Janos Kertesz, head of CEU’s Department of Data and Network Science, the kinds of “echo chambers” created by online media make reaching such a consensus unlikely. Not only do people with vastly different political opinions resist change, even those with less different beliefs have trouble finding consensus between themselves.

Letina's Article Published in Complexity Journal

February 25, 2019

Hot off the press: Read our PhD student Srebrenka Letina and collaborators' article “Expanding Network Analysis Tools in Psychological Networks: Minimal Spanning Trees, Participation Coefficients, and Motif Analysis Applied to a Network of 26 Psychological Attributes“, published in Complexity Journal.

AUTHORS | Srebrenka Letina, Tessa F. Blanken, Marie K. Deserno, Denny Borsboom