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Asimov's Foundation - Turning a Data Story into an NFT Artwork

October 15, 2021

In this work, the authors, Milán Janosov and Flóra Borsi transform the famous sci-fi novel series into a network and then an NFT artwork.

Switchover Phenomenon Induced by Epidemic Seeding on Geometric Networks

October 8, 2021

Initial seeding of an epidemic from the best-connected nodes of a network would intuitively lead to the largest outbreak. We challenge this picture and explore a switchover phenomenon: Epidemics started from the central part of a geometric metapopulation network can reach more individuals only if the basic reproduction number is small, but if the epidemic is more infectious, it reaches a larger population when seeded from uniformly selected nodes.

Inequality Is Rising Where Social Network Segregation Interacts with Urban Topology

February 18, 2021
New paper by CEU DNDS alumnus Johannes Wachs and János Kertész with collaborators in Nature Communications.