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Correlations of Socioeconomic and Urban Patterns Observed via an Interpretable Deep Learning Model

November 2, 2020

Urbanization is a great challenge for modern societies, promising better access to economic opportunities, but widening socioeconomic inequalities. Accurately tracking this process as it unfolds has been challenging for traditional data collection methods, but remote sensing information offers an alternative way to gather a more complete view of these societal changes. By feeding neural networks with satellite images, the socioeconomic information associated with that area can be recovered.

Interpretable Deep Learning Model for Socioeconomic Status Inference from Satellite Images and Their Correlations with Urban Patterns

November 2, 2020

Cities have become the economic bedrock of modern nations and this transition will likely be continued in the coming years as an estimated three billion people will move into cities by 2030. Nevertheless, while urbanisation can entail economic dynamism and social development, it can also create enormous social challenges. The management of natural hazards and pollution, the exclusion of the poor from the city’s socioeconomic fabric and the subsequent surge of social and economic inequalities have become some of the pressing issues that modern metropolises need to address.

Design Patterns of Social Bots

July 2, 2020

Our 2nd year PhD student Abdullah Alrhmoun presented his research project about the Design Patterns of Social Bots. Design patterns are a toolkit of tried and tested solutions to recurring (repetitive) design problems. Nowadays, the ecosystems of online bots are drastically increasing in number and complexity. An increasing amount of websites and online social networks are becoming the perfect environment for bots, operating dependently or not from users’ inputs. 

The Impact of Promotions in Sarafu Network

June 2, 2020

Teodoro Criscione, a 2nd year PhD candidate at the Department of Network and Data Science, presented his ongoing research on the network of the Community Currency System (CCS) in Kenya, the so called Sarafu Network. The emergence of CSS is driven by the need for an alternative credit system outside the official monetary system in a small and close-knit environment. In order to increase the well-being of a community, this aforementioned scheme focuses on financing community projects. 

Latest Article of Janosov and Colleagues Tackles the Role of Luck in Success

May 20, 2020

The latest article of Milan JanosovFederico Battiston, and Roberta Sinatra published in EPJ Data Science discusses the role of randomness in creative career success and networking patterns. The article was also featured in Nature’s Behavior and Social Science Community, New Scientist, 10Daily, and Qubit.