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Top Data Science Trends in 2022 — According to an AI

January 10, 2022

Blog post by Milán Janosov

At this time of the year, we usually hear many expert opinions and predictions about the biggest trends for the coming new year. The same goes for my profession, data science as well. However, this time, instead of reading review articles, I decided to ask this crucial question to Open AI’s GPT-3 text completion engine. Here comes the answer, unchanged, unedited, and probably provoking a few questions.

A Network Map of The Witcher

January 3, 2022

In his most recent piece, Milan Janosov targeted the fantasy novel series The Witcher to build a network and data analysis, published in Nightingale, the journal of the Data Visualization Society.

Epidemics Seeded From the Most Connected Populations May Not Lead to Larger Epidemic

A fundamental question in disease modelling is how the initial seeding of an epidemic that spreads over a network determines its final outcome.

Asimov's Foundation - Turning a Data Story into an NFT Artwork

In this work, the authors, Milán Janosov and Flóra Borsi transform the famous sci-fi novel series into a network and then an NFT artwork.

Switchover Phenomenon Induced by Epidemic Seeding on Geometric Networks

Initial seeding of an epidemic from the best-connected nodes of a network would intuitively lead to the largest outbreak. We challenge this picture and explore a switchover phenomenon: Epidemics started from the central part of a geometric metapopulation network can reach more individuals only if the basic reproduction number is small, but if the epidemic is more infectious, it reaches a larger population when seeded from uniformly selected nodes.