DNDS Alumni Milán Janosov's book launch at CEU featuring Albert-László Barabási

July 18, 2023

In today's highly digitalized age, we use dozens of apps every day with very little glimpse into what these apps actually do and how much of our life they capture with data. While on the other end, these apps are extremely busy building our online profiles, setting up networks, and creating machine learning forecasts - datafying our everyday lives. This brings network and data science out of the academic world directly into our pockets.

In his first volume, Milan Janosov has set out to bring the readers closer to the science behind all of this by not just covering the basics of network and data science but introducing a wide range of applications by bringing up and answering questions such as Why can an influencer's breakfast get more likes than more relevant content? How can networks help us find the next star DJ, what do networks have to do with liveable cities, and where does Game of Thrones or corporate HR come in?

The first, Hungarian edition will be introduced on August 10 at CEU.

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