Data Stories 2019 - 6th Edition

April 5, 2019


Data Stories at CEU is back with its 6th edition! The exhibition opening took place on March 26, followed by the annual data visualization meetup. This year, the viewer can find out about how happy people feel in Hungary and how it compares to other European countries, about gender and ethnic disparities in 100 tech companies or the characteristics of Hungarian settlements and why they have developed that way, as well as the collaborating network of top DJs - and much more! The exhibition is open to the public free of charge until April 12, 2019 in Nádor u. 15., Lower Foyer. Drop in if you are around!

Sneak peek:


At the meetup, our keynote speaker Silvia Fierascu showed us examples of visualizing corruption networks, corruption risk as well as a catalog for politicians, where citizens who lack the time, energy and the know-how can get information on the performance and network-based evaluation of people in office. Silvia’s focus is social impact achieved by building on expert analysis of open data, which is then presented to users in an accessible and meaningful visual format.

Jessie Labov gave a talk on embracing the ‘meso’ in Digital Humanities, that is, what to do with a few thousand or even just a few hundred records?

Gerardo Iñiguez, with his background in video game development, talked about bridging the gap between industry and academia by using gaming data in computational science research. He drew examples from a game similar to Pokémon Go but taking place during a zombie apocalypse to illustrate how people adapt to a changing environment.

Melinda Sipos, a Budapest based designer and cultural mediator, presented her works of data embodiment: data that can be seen in real space, walked around, touched, manipulated, even eaten!

The slides of the speakers can be downloaded from: You can find them under each speaker’s profile.

Blog post by Olga Peredi