Manran Zhu Receives Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students

February 13, 2019

Manran Zhu - PhD student at the Department of Network and Data Science - has received the Academic Achievement Award for First-Year Doctoral Students for the 2017/2018 academic year. Congratulations!

Manran’s PhD thesis is about quantifying, modeling and predicting human navigation behavior on knowledge networks, e.g. Wikipedia. She studies massive digital footprints left by players of online information navigation games such as the Wikigame. Similar to finding a book in the library, in the game one tries to find a piece of knowledge following the hyperlinks on Wikipedia. By mining the patterns and modeling the observed data, she aims to gain insights into the knowledge background, gaming strategies and other cognitive characteristics of the players. Manran is also conducting a large-scale cognitive experiment to study in more detail how humans find information and gain knowledge.

CEU provides incentives for academic excellence and rewards those promising students who, with their work, have shown outstanding academic potential. The CEU Academic Achievement Awards for First-Year Doctoral Students reward outstanding coursework and performance during the comprehensive exam.