Janos Kertesz Awarded Hungary’s Szechenyi Prize

March 19, 2014

Janos Kertesz, professor at CEU's Center for Network Science (CNS), was awarded the Szechenyi Prize by Hungarian President Janos Ader on March 15. The award honors those who have made an outstanding contribution to academic life.

Kertesz, who is also a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, received the Szechenyi Prize for his internationally recognized achievements in statistical physics and its interdisciplinary applications, especially in the field of network science. 

 “I am glad to have had the chance to contribute to the birth and strengthening of the new discipline of computational social science with studies dealing with clarifying the relationship between mobile call records and the structure of society and the analysis of the emergence and resolution of conflicts in the collaborative environment of Wikipedia,” Kertesz said.

Kertesz was one of 19 academics honored with the Szechenyi Prize this year. The Prize is awarded annually on Hungary’s March 15 national holiday, which commemorates the Revolution of 1848-49 against Habsburg rule.

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