Advanced Certificate Programs

Our Advanced Certificate programs are non-degree certificates available for students enrolled in a PhD or MA degree program at CEU (please note: the Advanced Certificate in Network Science is open to PhD students only). The certificates are offered by the Department of Network and Data Science (DNDS) at CEU.

We have 3 such programs:

Advanced Certificate in Data Analysis (MA and PhD)

Advanced Certificate in Data Science (MA and PhD)

Advanced Certificate in Network Science (PhD only)

Please click on the above links to see the curriculum and requirements of each program.

If you successfully complete an Advanced Certificate Program, you will receive a certificate in the form of a diploma supplement when you graduate.

How to enroll in the Certificate Programs

  1. Please discuss with your supervisor whether they support your plan to complete this certificate.
  2. If they do, then just register for the required courses for grade in SiTS (please always check the pre-requisites and whether there is a cap).
  3. A few months before you graduate, please contact the DNDS Coordinator, Olga Peredi, letting her know that you are about to graduate and that you have completed the requirements for the Advanced Certificate. She will check, and if it is indeed the case, she will notify the Student Records Office.
  4. When you receive your diploma, you will receive the certificate alongside it.