Advanced Certificate in Network Science

Faculty at the Department offer courses on the core ideas and methods of network science, and its applications in diverse areas. Faculty will also engage in co-supervising PhD students.

Network science provides essential tools to study complex systems including society online and offline, the economy or urban traffic. Accordingly, the program provides hands-on experience with large datasets characterizing those systems and the skills needed to analyze them. At the same time, network science is a rapidly developing new discipline with ample opportunities to do fundamental research.


To receive the certificate at the end of their studies, in addition to the disciplinary requirements of their own departments, PhD students are required to:

  1. Complete Fundamental Ideas in Network Science (4 credits) and other DNDS courses for 4 more credits (8 credits in total). The Economic and Social Networks course of the Department of Economics and Business also qualifies.
  2. Consult with at least one faculty member from the Department of Network and Data Science on network science related projects.