Taras Krupskyy

Year of Enrollment: 

Research Interests

Taras’s research interests revolve around using big data analytics, machine learning and computational modeling techniques to quantify collective behavioral patterns as well as describe the emergent nature of decision-making processes in society. Specifically, Taras is interested in urban mobility, ride-sharing, municipal services and integrated data approaches for smart city solutions and sustainable urban planning policies. Other aspects of his research are related to studying patterns of information propagation on social media (i.e., fake news), as well as applications of state-of-the-art deep and reinforcement learning techniques for solving real-world problems. Prior to engaging in research activity, Taras worked as a data scientist in industry and as a project manager in business and non-profit sectors.

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MA, Political Science, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv
BSc, Computer Science, National University "Kyiv Polytechnik Institute"